Jun 2013 30
If you are a fan of craft beer and great food (which we are assuming you are!), you won’t want to miss out on “Waves of Grain” at The Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach, today! With over 40 different breweries in attendance, whole roasted pig, and your friends from Rock & Brews sponsoring the event… it will be a day to remember.
 The event is today 3 P.M. – 6 P.M.
Jun 2013 30

You got Rock & Brews on your mind. Record temperatures are hitting the western US this weekend so make Rock & Brews your Sunday headquarters as you hit the beach or play in the park. It’s no coincidence that each of our restaurants are located within a couple miles of the beach, great food, open atmosphere for the whole family and a whole lot of craft beers and rock and roll are the perfect compliment to life on the coast.


The Garden On Main gets some new digs!

Beat the heat with us!

Jun 2013 28

We are now in the heart of summer… and the beach is beckoning us near! All current Rock & Brews locations are within walking distance of the beach. Why not stop by for a beer and a hearty meal after or prior to your escapades in the sun?

 Beach Food:

Dogs are part of the family, so they’re welcome too!



Jun 2013 27

Since it was composed by George Gershwin in 1935, the song “Summertime” has been recorded over 25,000 times!  Summer has been praised for millennia, and today, Rock & Brews continues the warm-weather revery in Summer 2013 by being one of the hottest restaurant locations! A beer on our patio is an ideal way to pay tribute to the season… see you soon!

That’s one Rock’n Brat!

 Turkey Burger with Avocado anyone?

Jun 2013 26

Rock & Brews Los Cabos hosted the after party for Los Cabos Open Surf Contest last weekend and hordes of contestants, their families, spectators and onlookers left the beach and packed our joint for live music, pizzas and the best selection of craft beers in Mexico. Viva Rock & Brews!

Rockn’ Fish Tacos and Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Tunnel Vision on the big stage at R&B Los Cabos

Jun 2013 25

Sink your teeth into one of our hearty salads and wash them down with a tasty porter! Rock & Brews has the best combos of high quality food and drinks that are perfect for that mid week work lunch.

The Gene Simmons KISS Beetle: Our new prototype delivery vehicle.

Jun 2013 25

Like Lennon & McCartney, Page & Plant, Rock & Brews and Summer Time is a classic combo with a range of hits:

From pizza to veggie burgers, baby backs ribs to grilled artichokes and fried calamari

Enter the hallowed gates of Rock & Brews enjoy the splendors of summer!


Jun 2013 24

Jeff Beck, virtuosic British guitarist, celebrates his 69th birthday today! His career began as lead guitarist of the Yardbirds, and from there, he went off to create an entirely new genre of music: Jazz Fusion. Jazz Fusion combines the technical elements of jazz with the raw energy of rock & roll. Jeff Beck was one of the three uber-influential guitarists who started in the Yardbirds and then went off to become powerhouse musicians in their respective genres. Eric Clapton (blues rock), Jimmy Page (hard rock), and Jeff Beck (jazz fusion)… that that’s a holy trinity!


Jun 2013 21

This weekend, the sun shines on Rock & Brews’ patios longer than any other weekend of the year! (That is, until we break into the Southern Hemisphere). We save on propane for the patio heaters, and you can save on those extra layers. Summer is upon us, and we welcome you all to be a part of it with us at Rock & Brews. Summer heat calls for beer, and we have plenty of it here!

We are also introducing new menu items in El Segundo: Oak Grilled Artichoke, Santa Maria Tri Tip, Chipotle Kale Salad, and Memphis-Style Baby Back Ribs!

Jun 2013 15

Happy Father’s Day From Rock & Brews! It’s a proven fact, Dad’s love classic rock, great food and craft beer – so bring your dad down to Rock & Brews this weekend and indulge with us!

Sweet Child(ren) of mine.

These kids have good Genes.

Need some last minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas? Check these out:

Printable Custom Beer Labels: What dad wouldn’t like his very own custom beer? Print these downloadable beer labels on your home printer, slap them on his favorite beer and presto!  You’ve got a personalized beer for Father’s Day. Available for $7.50 at Etsy etsy.me/1aeCO6c

 Check out the Top 10 Father’s Day Songs from Ultimate Classic Rock (the list is a couple years old but the songs are still great) http://ultimateclassicrock.com/top-fathers-day-songs/

photos courtesy of Papergravy.com and UltimateClasssicRock.com